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Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes
The Advancing Excellence Campaign is a national effort of 28 stakeholder groups including provider associations, consumer and advocacy groups, government agencies and others coming together to help nursing homes improve quality of care and life in nursing homes. The Campaign, launched in 2006, was initially planned as a two-year effort. Because of its success, including improvement in care by Campaign participants, the Campaign leaders decided to launch a second phase of the Campaign in October 2009. The Campaign relies on statewide coalitions called Lead Area Networks for Excellence (LANEs) to get the word out, provide free, evidenced-based technical assistance on eight areas of nursing home care and management, supports frontline staff and encourages consumer transparency. NMMRA serves as the LANE Convener for New Mexico.

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Quality Improvement Worksheets
Beginning with a Getting Started Worksheet, this packet provides a structured framework in which to narrow down, collect data, select and organize a team for the problem area chosen. Additional worksheets will help nursing homes start the process of identifying an area for improvement, form a team to address that improvement, analyze processes, set goals and monitor progress.

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